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Ohai guys!

I went to Armageddon.
It was super exciting. Click on ME IN A BORG ALCOVE to see my costume and a post about the day.

I'm sorry!
I changed my blogger URL! Because I'm a bad person. Also because I realised I'm NOT in fact going to be using it for work posts. I mean, I'll post finished things, but the primary things I'll be posting will have nothing to do with work. If you still want updates the facebook page is your best bet. Also twitter.

Anyway, I changed my blogger URL, so if, like me, you were simply visiting the URL again, you'll now have nowhere to go. Sad panda face!

If you want to join me over at the Fifth Dimension, you should most definitely click the picture. It's a blog filled with happiness and joy! And emoticons.

I re-decorated my bedroom today.
You should take a look. Yes.
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Your daily dose

Today? My holiday, in picture form.

You know what's sad?
Blue hand

Sad is when you realise that because of your prior intensive dance training you always sit with a rigidly straight back in chairs that don't support your shoulders.

When you realise that you've been sitting in an unfarmiliar, non shoulder-supporting chair, on your aunts internet for three hours, and now your entire back is screaming with pain, because you don't use those muscles much anymore.


Man. My back is going to crack something wicked tomorrow.

In other news the dry cold climate here had made my excema fingers shed three layers of skin, whoo. Not too bad otherwise. I got up at twelve today, watched childrens cartoons for three hours, re-read the latest artemis fowl book, ate two dinners as I forgot to have lunch, and ended up on here.

I like this...vacation, of sorts.

In other news - I had a fascinating look back on how I (presumably) acted when I was a child/teenager. I got lured over to the "kids" section of our ENORMOUS table at my grandmas party, and spent most of the evening quietly sipping my wine and wondering; 'if I was this obnoxious when I was fifteen, how did my parents resist strangling me?'

My cousin (who knows full well how old I am, having asked me half an hour ago) turned to me as I sat down, and said, in an extremly snitty tone of voice; 'my mother never lets me drink wine'

I really had to tamp down on my urge to snark. So I said nothing, and choked quietly into my glass for a few moments. Said cousin, and another one, then proceeded to talk about milfs, and ended up explaining the meaning to her twelve year old sister. The twelve year old is not the brightest spark, and didn't seem to understand that you had to have a specific context for the term; spending a good half hour trying to interject it at as many points of the conversation as possible.

(Nell):"Harriet, you wear too much makeup. I've never seen you without it on. You're such a milf"

(Nell):"Harriet, stop stealing my potatoes, you're such a milf"

(Harriet): "That's not how you use the word, Nell"

(Other cousin): *snort* "You have to have a kid, for starters"

(Nell): "Mum's a milf!" (proud smile)

*Collective disgusted shivers from the rest of the table, and violent shushings from her sister*

Aaaaaand then they proceeded to talk about boys and how, because Nell has had several "boyfriends" that she was a slut (by her own admission). My GOD it made me feel old. I'm not that much older than them, really, but I swear I wasn't like that when I was in intermediate. I think I was still playing with fraking DOLLS when I was in intermediate. I didn't even know what a slut was! Which kind of made me worry what constitutes a boyfriend these days. I hope they get better sex ed than I did.


Also they don't understand Charlie the Unicorn references. This makes me sad. A conversation is seriously lacking if someone breaks out the Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrlie voice and no-one gets it. A sad, sad day indeed.

Vacation is odd.

No work is also odd.

Being surrounded by relations who forget I'm actually legally an adult now and no, no I don't have to ask my mothers permission before I drink this here alcohol, is getting old.


Okay, sorry, I'll stop complaining. It's just weird going from an environment where I'm an adult, responsible for myself, working a fulfilling (if a little tedious) job, to somewhere where people think I still have an established bedtime.


I'll be at the end of the earth for the rest of the week. It shouldn't be too bad, I'm going out with some friends who moved down here for university purposes, and I'm basically taking blatant advantage of the fact that I have NOTHING to do by sleeping in till twelve and lying on the couch all day. I've caught up on so much reading. Of course now I have the fifteen songs I left on shuffle on my ipod burnt into my brain, but that's beside the point.

Dear internet; never leave me. I love you so, and I don't understand how these tough southern farmers exist on a daily basis with no more than an hours interaction with you. Does that make them more healthy and have the ability to withstand natural light? Maybe, but I am the one who has an ultra sharp wit and the ability to understand the subtext of almost every sentence in the english language. Touche', farmer family, touche'.

Fear my blogging. Fear it.
We're all MAD here

All caffeinated up!

It's half three, and I have to get up at nine to run to the shop for another meter of black cotton, some zips, and some cord, because I SUCK EPICLY at estimating yardage. Yes. I bought eight meters of cording today! That's on top of what I'd already sewn. And I'm going to need another three or four meters, cause I found that double rows looked cooler. Hmm.

Anyway, in order to maintain alertness in my epic late nighter I inhaled some of the stodgy-est coffee known to man. I'm not actually sure it counts as coffee really.  A tablespoon of instant coffee, two tablespoons of hot chocolate, a spoonful of sugar, boiling water, and the tiniest amount of soy milk on top of it. It was thiiiiick and glooooopy and now I'm really wired and it's three in the morning and I don't want to go to bed cause I'm wiiiiiiiiide awake except for the odd occasion when I stop being able to focus my eyes properly.


Gollum garding the coffee;

And the resulting caffeinated hi-jinks (you can't really tell, but that blue blob is my foot. I was trying to adopt a sort of "kung fu HI-YAA kind of pose with all my sewing implements in order to demonstrate my preparedness for the night ahead)

And here is the nights work, all in a nice little pile. I just have to finish the fastenings on the shirts cause I (bloody bloody effing blinding etc) forgot to buy the zips while I was out today. It's probably an hour, hour and a half's work at most. I'll do it before lunch and run the lot over to the post office.

And to finish it off - I'm feeling manically alert. After I compulsively check all my websites and ponder a little more why all my recent pictures off my cell phone have a red line through them I'm going to tidy the bomb site that is my sewing space. I've bled into the lounge now, and the whole room is starting to frighteningly resemble my bedroom floor when I was fifteen. This must be averted.

Things I am profoundly grateful for
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Ohai guys!
Yes. Upon moving all business related posts to my SPIFFTASTIC BLOGGER (which you should really follow) my LJ shall now descend into the depths of my bored mind. Yes.

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